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Things To Remember

Things To Remember

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For when the kids are old enough to be grounded.

Peel-And-Stick Wood Panels Provide An Instant Reclaimed Look | Co.Design | business + innovation + design

Peel-And-Stick Wood Panels Provide An Instant Reclaimed Look

Easy to do with a curtain rod to create a nook for storytime or playing.

Flickr Find: Handmade Play Tent

15 Dates Ideas

Homemade Weed Killer 1 gallon of white vinegar, 1/2 cup salt, Liquid dish soap (any brand), Empty spray bottle. Put salt in the empty spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way up with white vinegar. Add a squirt of liquid dish soap. This solution works best if you use it on a hot day. Spray it on the weeds in the morning, and as it heats up it will do its work.

Wish I knew this sooner...... The newspaper will prevent any grass and weed seeds from germinating, but unlike fabric, it will decompose after about 18 months. By that time, any grass and weed seeds that were present in the soil on planting will be dead. It’s green, it’s cheaper than fabric, and when you decide to remove or redesign the bed later on, you will not have the headache you would with fabric. - sublime-decor

The psychology of color -- great for branding

50 questions to ask your spouse besides, "how was your day?"

Items to keep on hand

148 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

39 Easy DIYs for your walls...

How to Make Rice Water To Treat Stomach Flu. It is supposed to work wonders ESPECIALLY for infants.

Dr. Oz recommends Lemon Balm Extract as an Instant stress relief. nature does have the answers to even stress :)

How To Do a Reverse Image Search

Like seriously where has this been all my life?

56 things. There are some really fun ideas. Ultimate boredom list!

rub your feet in the right spot

"66 Things You Can Grow in Containers" OrganicGardensNetwork

173 manufacturers that will send you coupons if you just email them.

Ten Ideas to strengthen marriage. These are pretty cool.

EVERY GIRL SHOULD READ THIS. All about what to do/how to act if an attacker comes at you. And how to keep yourself from that ever happening. I read this and its actually really creepy to think you would ever have to use it but very very helpful to know if you ever did have to use these tips please everyone should read this

All the different ways to use Hydrogen Peroxide, these blew my mind!-I will use hydrogen peroxide for everything now!! sinus infections, really?

Mr. Darcy .... my all time favorite line. Gotta love Pride and Prejudice

30 date nights at home. Because going out is sometimes not an option. Cute ideas :)

4 Homemade Fixes to Cure Problem Skin; this looks fun