"The Savage", one of the most moving equine photos ever taken. It was 1980, the stretch run of the Tremont stakes. The outside horse, Great Prospector, realized that he could not outrun Golden Derby, and savages him in a desperate attempt to win. This is the famous ECLIPSE AWARD WINNING PHOTO taken by the noted New York track photographer Bob Coglianese.

Secretariat Belmont Photo


Looks like a painting. Italy, Dolomites #travel #vacation

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Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture ... To be comfortable shooting manual you will need to know what your necessary adjustments are. Though these settings are all numeric, there isn’t some insane math equation that you need to do to find out what to dial them into. You need to play with those number’s prior to each session, within your session surroundings, to get a good understanding. I usually set up about 10 mins prior to a photo shoot to adjust my camera, I even use my husband as my test model.

Learn How To Shoot In Manual Mode - ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed Explained


Ten Things Your Photographer Will Never Tell You (But Wishes You Knew!) | Amy Tripple Photography

Ten Things Your Photographer Will Never Tell You (But Wishes You Knew!)


how to set your camera for a glowing photo ISO: 3200 SS: 1/30 f/1.8

The Power of Pinterest - Unskinny Boppy


Taking better photos means remembering that the closest thing to the camera becomes the biggest thing, and lean your neck forward like a turtle- great advice!

My tips on looking your thinnest in photos. | Maskcara


how to remove a yellow color cast. how to fix an indoor photo that looks yellow with this one easy photo editing tip. photoshop elements.

fix that photo: remove a yellow color cast - It's Always Autumn


Exposure cheat sheet. Always good to brush up on the basics.

Exposure Cheat Sheet


I always forget about bloody ISO when fiddling around to try and use natural light only.

Exposure Tutorial Part Three: What is ISO?


Shooting Modes: Part 2 - shutter priority | Boost Your Photography #photography #lessons #tips #shutter #speed

Shooting Modes: Part 2 - shutter priority


5 steps

5 Steps to Taking Better Photographs | Shoot Fly Shoot


For Unto You a Child is born ~ Free Silhouette File... I like the new spin on the nativity would be a good present for Mom.

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Great photography tips! I had no idea my DSLR had that feature!

Advanced tips for mastering your DSLR camera


What is ISO?

Exposure Tutorial Part Three: What is ISO?


Awesome click

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How to Photograph Fireworks - Click it Up a Notch


This camera trick will have you taking pictures like a pro.

Photography 101 – Exposure Compensation


This is an awesome post about understanding aperture in photography- how to get a blurry or clear background!!

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100 Photography Tips Infographic- confirmed the avoidance of selective color

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How to photograph flowers close-up in 5 steps

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Holy crap, tip #1 just changed my life.

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99 Common Photography Problems: (and how to solve them)

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Shooting in Manual for Beginners-- Learn your camera on manual in one afternoon #photography #photography101 #beginners #manual #photos #learnyourcamera #DSLR

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100 Photography Tips

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