Channing Tatum!

My favorite thing on a man: a vest. Now if only I could get my boyfriend to wear one.

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer: this is my number one vote to play christian grey in fifty shades of grey. he may be 7 years younger than christian, but he could pull off

Ryan Lotche

Olympic Cutie of the Day: Ryan Lochte

Zac Efron

"That is a BOSS Zefron poster." I'm not really a huge fan of Zach Efron, but I sure do love "A Very Potter Musical"!

Derek Jeter

Any Yankee fan would agree that this guy is such an inspiration. He's maintained a good reputation in the public eye all while being phenomenal on the baseball field. **Just wouldn't be right not to include Derek Jeter on this board!

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer Photos Photos: Teresa Palmer and Alex Pettyfer at the 'I Am Number Four' Paris Premiere

After seeing "Magic Mike," I'm thinking Alex Pettyfer may just be able to handle the role of Christian Grey. :) (Although, the Christian in my head still looked more like John Krasinski!