A fence the dogs can't dig under!  love the mixing of wood and concrete. also the monochromatic and simple foliage.

i like this fence and retaining wall! landscaping - Low lying plants - for next to front walkway - modern landscape by debora carl landscape design

synthetic lawn and curved timber deck

synthetic lawn and curved timber deck looks lovely and well manicured. i really like this idea for thinking about how we might work with the split levels of existing garden and create some different spaces/inspirations.

Include Your Dog. Dogs are pack animals and don't enjoy being kept in another part of your house or yard when visitors arrive. So make sure your dog is well trained and invited to all family functions. This little West Highland white terrier waits patiently for the festivities to begin.  Here's a Hint: Never feed your dog from the table. It will encourage begging, which can be annoying.

20 Tips For Gardening With Dogs

"Vibrant blue paint on patio furniture." I like the little dog and the lanterns, myself.

fence, cool gravel dog run area with the rock. easy to pick up poo. and big enough bushes/trees that the dogs couldn't eat them, but also to give shade. we could put up some awnings as well.

Bamboo is often the tree of choice in a Zen garden. It is simple yet elegant; Complemented by gray gravel and rocks, this garden — made by Ververka Architects — shows how a modern home can benefit from a centuries-old concept.

Backyard Ideas On A Budget | Landscaping: Tips for Your Backyard Adding walls and paths to your ...

BRICK PATHWAY TO HOUSE?Landscaping: Tips for Your Backyard Adding walls and paths to your landscape transforms it into something truly special. Here's a collection of pro building tricks for easier, faster and better path and wall construction.

Dog tunnel

Ivy tunnel - this could be easily accomplished with pvc (like the structure for a greenhouse) & climbing vegetable & flowers! Walk through a gorgeous tunnel & harvest your veggies for dinner & the centerpiece for your table as well!

Fences divide small yard into "rooms". Curved gates allow small pets too pass through.

NORFOLK Mary Ann Fussell once had a mini-backyard without charm or purpose. "It was totally useless," she said, thinking back 18 months to the sloping lawn and tiny aggregate patio

more helpful tips on dog-friendly landscaping!      Most helpful to our current situaion...  "Digging along your foundation can be especially damaging... ...You can keep your dog from doing this by laying a 12-inch wide piece landscape fabric between your house's foundation and your yard and planting beds. Top the fabric with a 12-inch wide strip of chicken wire laid flat over the fabric, then cover with ornamental rocks."

What's the most pet-friendly way to landscape?

Click photo for more helpful tips on dog-friendly landscaping! Page 3 of this article covers cat-friendly landscaping!

perfect turf for dog yard

Grass Dog Runs, Dog Run Flooring & Artificial Grass Dog Runs by Perfect Turf…