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Top 10 castles in Slovenia #travel #slovenia #castle

If you are a true castle lover, you should not miss out on these great castles Slovenia has in store for you. Top castles in Slovenia.

10 places only locals know in Slovenia

Grad Kamen Located at the village of Begunje na Gorenjskem, the ruins of the Grad Kamen, which means Stone Castle in Slovene, can be found. The Romanesque tower is [.

Explore Slovenian history in Ljubljana

Explore Slovenian history in Ljubljana

Eating your way through Soca Valey #food #slovenia #travel

Eating your way through Soca Valey

One day in Tivoli Park, Slovenia

Tivoli Park is offering many activities in summer and also in winter time. admire the nature, which is connected to the city centre.

One day in Bohinj

A major part of Bohinj is protected as a natural heritage and it belongs to the Triglav National Park (TNP). There are over different plant species and some of [.

Discover the hidden gems of Idrija

Out of places to visit in Slovenia, Idrija is one of the most stunning small towns in Slovenia!

Backpacking trip in Slovenia

There's no better way to discover the natural beauty of Slovenia than by having a well-organized backpack trip.

Things to do in Slovenia for three days

Things to Do in Slovenia in 3 Days - Tripedia

Best places to visit in Slovenia in 7 days

Slovenia is a country with stunning landscapes, located on the Adriatic sea, next to the Alps. Discover most beautiful places in Slovenia!

10 attractions to visit in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and it offers a very diverse range of attractions and entertainment options.

Top places to see in Slovenia

We give you top attractions to see in Slovenia. From hiking in the mountains to chilling on the beach, Slovenia has it all!

One day in Piran

Piran is one of the most amazing places to visit in Slovenia. And it's a popular tourist destination among visitors from around the world.

One day in Kropa, Slovenia

There is no place like Kropa - simply a unique, amazing and unforgettable little village with long years of iron-forging tradition.

Sightseeing in Radovljica

Cities in Slovenia offer tradition, colorful town houses and amazing local dishes! Radovljica is a hidden Slovenian gem, you should explore!