says it all.

I'm trying really hard not to punch you in the face as you explain how your husband going on a business trip is just like mine deploying overseas for months.


We can get through every deployment. Every long night of separation. Every tear. Every "I'm missing you so much!" Our love is stronger than this. We are a soldier and his wife. We DO this, and do it WELL.

Real Army Wife and PROUD of it :)

hate them bitches that give the real ARMY WIVES a bad name! i love THE real womEn that love their men Real Army Wife and PROUD of it :)


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deployment: patiently, faithfully waiting for my other half to return safely to me. BACK OFF Let the world know you are taken by a Military Service Member

Army wife

I'm just a PROUD WIFE! His wife, not army wife lol. I don't call myself that. But to others that is a "title" but there are some nice army wife stuff on here that I have found.

Proud Army Wife

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Real military wives have no problem with fidelity.

Distance never separates two hearts that really care. Long distance relationships LOVE and they never make the other one feel like it's a nuisance to see them

For Fellow Military Wives

Keep calm and wait for him because love is greater than distance and quality is greater than convenience. [It is always greatest to wait for God's best for your life.