Teepee Dirt Cups: The perfect teepee snack for kids of all ages. Children can learn about the various shelters of nomadic Indian tribes and also bury a fish just like the Wampanoag Indians taught the Pilgrims to do at the First Thanksgiving!

Teepee Dirt Cups - I Can Teach My Child!


Native American Pendants-Native American Pow Wow and LOTS of FREEBIES!



indian dressup headband free printable preschool craft for kids

Indian Headband – Printable Preschool Craft | Pamela's Preschool


Art is Basic-- Art Teacher Blog: Paper mache Rattles- Kindergarten

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Indian corn craft and learning about the legends of Thanksgiving. We did this with Q-tips... good stuff. I would like to incorporate with a story. Need to find a book this works with. The link to the Legend of the 5 Corns is no good... T is for Turkey would be a good book instead.

Indian Corn Craft and Five Kernels of Corn Legend


Squanto Unit Study Resources for your Lesson Plan

New Squanto Unit Study Page - Meet Penny


Indian Corn Necklace

Indian Corn Jewelry Craft Idea for Kids | KraftyKid


Montessori Monday – Montessori-Inspired Native American Unit

Montessori Monday – Montessori-Inspired Native American Unit


Little Pumpkin Grace: Native American Unit

Native American Unit


paper tube canoes!

Second Grade Perks: Native Americans


Fern's Freebie Friday ~ Native American Regions: Map and Writing Prompts

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corn cuff bracelets for Native American lesson

Trails & Tales: Corn cuff bracelets


Native American unit for preschool- bartering, pinch pots, musical shakers, etc.

Native Americans Archives - Fairy Dust Teaching


Native American talking Stick. (would be great to use during family meetings)

Native American Talking Stick


Storytelling Stones - great jumping off point for teaching Native Americans. Could incorporate a creative writing assignments with these.

Storytelling Stones


Paper plate "rattles" for Native American Lesson plan

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FREE Native Americans - Woodland tribes history unit for kids! Includes 2 printable mini books (Iroquois and Powhattan), tribe comparisson, and ideas for hands on learning about history including arrowhead dig, make your own bow and arrow and more for preschool, kindergarten, homeschool, and more

Native Americans - Woodland Tribes History for Kids


Indian Stick Game---Since the Native Americans are a huge part of the first Thanksgiving, it’s fun to have the kids learn about them this time of year. This stick game is easy to make and play.

Thanksgiving Crafts


Amazing Native American lesson plan for young learners! www.prekandksharing.blogspot.com



FREE! Native Americans - Southwest tribes A hands on history unit of North American Indians. Includes 2 printable mini books (Navajo and Hopi), tribe comparisson, and ideas for hands on learning about history including navajo fry bread, apache woven basket and more for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, homeschool, and more! LOTS OF GREAT IDEAS!

Native Americans - Southwest Tribes History for Kids


Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Rain Stick Music Craft 1

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: shaker


Paper towel roll rainsticks - great craft, used for the rainforest theme... would work well with the weather study as well.

Recycled Rain Stick Craft


Native American Games | Scholastic.com

Native American Games | Scholastic.com


Idea for Native American diorama

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Native American

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