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Trisha's Southern Kitchen

Recipes from the new Food Network show!

Pop-up cabinet so you can hide the mixer yet don't have to move it when you need it - I have one in my house and I use it ALL the time! Good idea!

  • Karen Gallacher

    I would love to have one of these shelves in my kitchen!

  • Cheryl Higdon

    Sure wish I had seen this idea before we had all new cabinets mixer is so heavy it's rarely used...this would definitely change that.

  • peggy polley

    great fresh and relaxing

  • Betty Powell

    I had this put In my cabinetry when we built our home in 1980. It worked well for 3 years and then was unreliable. Unreliable meaning the metal notches where the table locked in would release on its own. Mixer and contents on the floor. Yours looks a little more sturdier than mine. Good luck!

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Had to have these vintage blue ball jars!

  • Louann Samuelson

    My Dad gave me a collection years ago; several different sizes. I store rice, pasta, etc right on the kitchen counters. They are my favorite color.

  • Louann Samuelson

    I would like to find the rack shown in this pic.

  • Deb Borrison

    I can understand why you had to have these. They a Great !

  • Denia

    Just saw these at Target today

  • Deb Borrison

    Thank you Denia....I will go to Target and check it out.

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Kitchen Aid Mixer

  • Kim Sims

    Mine is just like that same color and all, got it from Gaither Vocal Bands lead singer Michael English's kitchen. I love it.

  • Theresa Gore

    One of the must

  • Jenn

    Trisha love your show and your kitchen! Can you let me know what color is your kitchen aid mixer? Love that also.

  • Jodi Marie

    It looks like Aqua Sky, but not sure ... I want to know too!

  • Tom Connor

    Just got this one for my better half. Just hope I get some goodies from it. Love Trisha's southern kitchen. The color is ICE.

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Trisha Yearwoods Chicken Tortilla Soup

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Pretty kitchen!

Jack's Brunswick Stew - Click the picture for the full recipe

Easiest Muffins - Click the picture for the full recipe

Sweet and Saltines Recipe - Click the picture for the recipe

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Georgia Pate - Click the picture for the image!

Chickless Pot Pie - Click the image for the recipe!

Barbecued Chicken - Click on the picture for the recipe!

  • Diane Haynes

    I have never put my chicken in water into refrigerator. Will do this next time. Thanks!

Grandma Yearwood's Coconut Cake with Coconut Lemon Glaze - Click image for the full recipe!

  • Kristen Signs-Jenkins

    Literally just made this and it is sooooo good

  • Frances Ashinhurst

    this is the best cake ever. I made it for company last week and they all loved it. I had glaze left over, so poured it over a purchased angel food cake. Really good too

  • Betty Chuck Miller

    I was so excited to see you use a recipe I use. I've had it since the late 60's but have always called it "vanilla wafer cake". love your program.

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Deviled Eggs - Click on image for the full recipe

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Lizzie's Chicken and Dumplings - Click on the picture for the full recipe

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Brownies with Coconut Frosting - Click the image for the recipe

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Cheese Straws - Click the image for the recipe!

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Country Quiche - Click the image for the recipe!

  • Megan Clouser

    And his apron that said Mister Yearwood cracked me up. :)

  • Hisako Ricketts

    I tried it but I substituted bacon for sausage and regular tomatoes (cut up in a small bite size) for grape tomatoes since I did not have sausage and grape tomatoes in our fridge. I added boiled broccoli (it's in our fridge and want my daughter to eat some veggies) and sauteed onion (since my husband loves onion). It came out so good. :D

  • Diane Haynes

    Looks wonderful!

  • Dana Clark

    This is really good, but makes so much! Can i cut ingredients in half and only make one? Or is it ok to freeze the other one and reheat?

  • Cyndee Christman

    Can't wait to try this!

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