Heavy is the pillow that wears the crown.

I am a daughter of a king that's up in heaven and yes I'm talking about God. God is my father and I am his little princess my father protects me from the devil and I trust my father everyday with my life I have nothing to worry about because long less I h

I must have this - immediately!  Jeeves Alarm Clock

ThinkGeek :: Good Morning Sir Alarm Clock "It appears to be morning. Frightfully inconvenient, I know, Sir." Classy alarm clock talks to you each morning Jeeves wakes you up with a witty phrase Over 120 sounds voiced by Stephen Fry

I Thou Ring by One Origin Jewelry: For your latest love letter. #Ring #One_Origin

Valentine's Day Gifts

This is absolutely genius! The Love Letter Ring. Whether you use it simply for a thoughtful gift or If you propose with this love letter ring FIRST and then she can pick out her own engagement ring! (or at least help) LOVE!

Lemon tree, very pretty!

Improved Meyer Lemon Tree produces an abundance of sweet lemons each year. Discover how to grow dwarf Meyer lemon trees indoors. Get tips for growing, pruning citrus trees.

I'm thinking of installing one of these in every room of the house.

" Press for champagne " gold frame and door bell. Pink White vertical stripes modest in background. Make and place next to vanity.

A baker's delight!

Miette: Recipes from San Francisco's Most Charming Pastry Shop - Meg Ray, Leslie Jonath & Frankie Frankeny