Movies I will never watch a Second Time

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A very tough movie to watch. Emotionally disturbing. Love Brad Pitt though!

Se7en (1995) - ShareTV

"You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it." Amazing movie! You literally felt every emotion (well at least I did!).

Carl the Critic: Reviews "We Bought a Zoo"

"Grease" - I remember standing in line with my two sisters & best friend for hours to buy tickets and a young girl who sat next to me sang every song!

Recast Grease and Win a Prize!

OMG you don't even know this is my favorite kids movie on planet earth I would watch it every day if I could I also love the second movie they made best kids movie everrrr:)

More than 30 of the best movies to watch with kids.

Just watched this the other day for the first time and it was great!!!! #cheaperbythedozen

25 Movies That Are Now 10 Years Old

My second favorite Disney princess movie. First would have to be Beauty and the Beast.

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(2000) An FBI agent must go undercover in the Miss United States beauty pageant to prevent a group from bombing the event. (IMDb). Remember to SING.

Miss Congeniality (2000)

Now this is the only time I am ever going to say this BUT REALITY IS SO MUCH BETTER

Heroes And Comics on Instagram: “Civil (Thumb)War - #captainamerica #ironman #civilwar #marvel #marvelcomics #marveluniverse #deadpool #dc #dccomics #dcuniverse #comic…”

pitures of movies | Marvel's Five-Year Plan For The Avengers To Rescue The Movies - Forbes

Marvel's Five-Year Plan For The Avengers To Rescue The Movies

Canning Homemade! Sustainable Living - One Jar at a Time! Great site for info and tutorials.

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One of my favorite movies to watch in the fall Step Mom

A Look Inside the Real "Stepmom" Movie House in New York - Hooked on Houses

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Top 10 Movies About Love - About A Mom

The 20 Best Classic Movies for Kids. 10 down, 10 to go ;)

20 Classic Movies You Should Watch with Your Kids

Harry Potter in 99 Seconds - Jon Cozart (Paint) comically summarizes the Harry Potter series quite nicely, singing a capella (with video edits of himself) to the melodies of various soundtracks from the films. More of a fan video than true wrock (no EPs or albums in a similar line).

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Gone in 60 Seconds Movie Poster - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery

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Secondhand Lions (2003) probably one of my favorite movies ever!

Secondhand Lions (2003)

I sat still for this whole movie. That is a miracle for me. It rocked!!

Avatar Movie Poster - 2009

About Time Movie, Rachel Mcadams

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Love this movie. So amazing, inspiring, and absolutely beautiful even if it wasnt an original idea at the core the rest was fantastic

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Its about these two kids who play a game called Jumanji. This game unleashes many dangerous things that need to be stopped. Action Adventure, Comedy. Rate:5

19 '90s Childhood Films That Gave You An Existential Crisis

The Time Traveler's Wife (2009). Not only is was this big Hollywood movie shot at Glendon Campus, it starts YorkU graduate Rachel McAdams! She graduated with a BFA in 2001.

The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)

The love life of Charlotte is reduced to an endless string of disastrous blind dates, until she meets the perfect man, Kevin. Unfortunately, his merciless mother will do anything to destroy their relationship.

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Home Alone (1990)~ Guys, I'm eating junk and watching rubbish! You better come out and stop me!

Home Alone (1990)

Casper the Friendly Ghost Movie-Themed Night with crafts and ghostly snacks

Crafts -N- Things for Children

IF I STAY MOVIE TIE-IN by Gayle Forman -- The critically acclaimed, bestselling novel from Gayle Forman, soon to be a major motion picture, starring ChloeGrace Moretz! Includes exclusive interviews with Chloe Grace Moretz and her co-star Jamie Blackley/

If I Stay Movie Tie-In by Gayle Forman - Penguin Books USA