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Creepy Crawlers/Freaky Flyers

White field with black contour designs and pollen yellow accent. Pattern almost looks like a lion's face. (By Nuwan Chathuranga)

Blue walking stick insect

Small Green Awlet (Burara (formerly Bibasis) amara)

The best camouflage is hiding in plain sight. Though easy to spot if you know what to look for, the common baron caterpillar blends well with the leaf on which it rests.

'Amazing Insects!' -66093_10200136979371007_1350929933_n.jpg (534×800)

'Amazing Insects!' - Extatosoma Tiaratum

One of the coolest-looking grasshoppers: Prionosthenus galericulatus, which looks just like a miniature dinosaur!

Ecaille Martre (Arctia caja) Garden Tiger #butterflies

Stag Beetle takeoff by "Blepharopsis" on deviantart.

Green Darner- Patrick Zephyr

garden tiger moth - The best color combinations are inspired by nature.

Pachyrrhynchus congestus real Polka dots beetle weevil from Philippines

This is the Brazilian Treehopper, or Bocydium globulare - a real living insect, which only pretends to be an alien helicopter. Its other name is "The Bell Bearer"; the "Globulare" part of its Latin moniker stands for these utterly bizarre spheroids on the top (they are not antennae!)