5/4/15 the fact that each little bead was probably hand sewn to creat the glass mirror resemblance is mind blowing

Dolce & Gabanna Fall Winter 2013-14

Dolce & Gabbana FW took their inspiration for this collection from the Monreale Cathedral in Sicily. It is permeated with religious underpinnings, and all the while very Italian and even more sexy. NO respect.

Красота в деталях: Dolce & Gabbana Весна-Лето 2017 (Одежда)

These pattern shorts use different beads, sequins and fabric cut-outs to create a mix-matched textured garment. This risque garment is more appropriate for women aged who like to wear funky and bold clothing.

Женя Катава на показе Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda осень/зима 2017 — Палермо.

8 beauty looks that made us swoon from the Couture shows - Couture beauty is always ethereally beautiful, and this Autumn/Winter 2017 .

Женя Катова (Катава) / Zhenya Katava | ВКонтакте

Женя Катова (Катава) / Zhenya Katava | ВКонтакте