Just braid some newspaper and wallah!

DIY: 15 Foraging Toys For Birds! Plaited newspaper toy for your bunny

Easy enough! :)

♥ Pet Bird DIY Ideas ♥ Toy made from a toilet paper roll. Totally use this all the time, and it is amazingly versatile!

Wiffle balls and shedding paper

Foraging Ball Stack - Parrot Toys & Bird Toy Parts by A Bird Toy

Foraging Ball Stack - Parrot Toys & Bird Toy Parts by A Bird Toy . For the rats

Wiffle Ball Forager

Use a wiffle ball as a foraging toy! Tie the end of a cotton shoelace to the wiffle ball and gather or slice small treats that are safe for your pet. Stuff the wiffle ball with treats and hang the toy

Place mat shelter! Probably easy to suspend!

♥ Pet Bird DIY Ideas ♥ Use a placement as a homemade shelter

I have straws at work ;) haha Take some straws, cable tie together and wallah! Toy!

Cheap Bird Toy - Wrapped Straw Flower

Cheap Bird Toy - Wrapped Straw Flower-We're not telling you to steal straws from your favorite coffee stop or fast food restaurant, but. Just grab a hand full of wrapped drinking straws, wrap a cable tie around the center and cinch it tight.

That is sweet! Probably won't ever have enough time to put it all together but I bet ya Willy would have a hay day!

Previous pinner says: rat play frame Looks like a parrot playground but could be modified to be safer for rats.