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Having a respect for authority makes for a simpler and easier life. Living for God is to be based upon His authority, not our own. Our own ideas - without God - will lead to death. Read on to learn about all the means of authority God has put into place for our protection.

A Bible lesson that studies how God sees each one of His creation and how He feels about them. A lesson that shows that God Delights in Each of Us

Adeola - d'Ivoire et laiton doré Iro et Buba. Iro et Buba modelés avec Komole Kandids Forest sur le motif classique. Gele bordée de motifs Komole Kandids Forest. Iro et Buba est terminé avec la signature Deola "bow cadeaux-back".

Adeola - Ivory and Brass gilded Iro and Buba. Iro and Buba patterned with Komole Kandids Forest on Classic motif. Gele edged with Komole Kandids Forest motif. Iro and Buba is finished with signature Deola “cadeaux bow-back”.

First Christmas in Heaven Poem Printable | My first Christmas without my dad. Merry Christmas Daddy - I miss you ...

My First Christmas in Heaven A phenomenal poem for those of us who have lost loved ones during the past year.