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I Like This :)

I just... like it :/

I Like This :)

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The Ultamite Supernatural Soundtrack! ~Supernatural.... Ohmygod I love this do much. I am not ashamed to say that Kansas (in general) and Eye of the Tiger ALWAYS make me think of impalas and Winchesters.



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Here's Misha blowing you a kiss (: you're welcome... / Castiel / Supernatural / Misha Collins

Meanwhile at the swimming pool by Castielogically

Meanwhile at the swimming pool by Castielogically on deviantART


Supernatural / iFunny :)

Oh my god this guy looks so much like Misha Collins it's ridiculous! And the facial expression is perfect! I love this if you couldn't tell.

Honestly, I wouldn't have the patience to do this. Kudos to Misha for being a better human being than I'll ever be.

There is a fine line between stalking and observing with rabid enthusiasm. Try not to cross that line, fandom.

Yes. Every one needs it. ♡

Supernatural / iFunny :)

Tumblr funny

This may be a teenager post, but @ almost 27 this is how I feel about texting, calling, Facebook messaging, friend requesting...basically any form of social interaction. #introvert

i'm dying

Ghetto Great Gatsby…

small living room quotes

Neu-beCALM'd Official ADHD Supplement

The dyslexic Jew in me had a heart attack.

Daily Afternoon Chaos (35 Pictures) |
  • Meghan McCarthy
    Meghan McCarthy

    OMG I saw that at the beginning too

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Oh my goodness, they did this as a Teenager Post? And God is with a capital G? AWESOME

20 Attractive Things Men Do That They Don’t Know About…

are very important okay♡


So, why not... - The Meta Picture

Relationship advice *Aww* -k