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9 Whimsical Script Fonts

D.A.Y.S   [I like the color filter used in the photos]

On Air Channel Branding Pitch

like the use of background photos alternating with color blocks. maybe use different textures if can't find suitable photo? On Air Channel Branding Pitch

AHAB - T-Shirts Special Package

I love this t-shirt packaging. Everything fits into the whale concept and I think it is clever that the t-shirt makes up the skin and the whale skeleton holds everything together. It is a self-contained minimal design.


Better Half Blonde Ale

Better Half Blonde Ale / great beer collaboration from Chelsea Brewing Company VSA NY.

Getting lost. It's a lifestyle for some of us. A bike determines how lost how fast.


Balzac's Coffee Roasters

Brand & Packaging Design and Hand Lettering for Balzac's Coffee Roasters, a hand-crafted artisanal coffee brand. Designed by Chad Roberts Design.

[Nice photo filter]


Welcome to a new year. Let's spend time together, and make it better than last year