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    Haunted House

    I love haunted houses. Real and made up. Amazing ideas for creating a true haunted house. Props and decorations. For milder, whimsical or traditional halloween decorating ideas, try my other board, "My Howloween Handbook" and "My Halloween Handbook 2".

    Haunted House

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    Sexy Bites Perfect Bite Fangs Thermoplastic Custom Designer Non-Toxic

    Time to start planning for Halloween!!!!!

    Sexy Devil DoublesPerfect Bite Fangs Thermoplastic Custom Designer Non-Toxic


    Dracula Fangs Thermoplastic Custom Designer Plated Chrome Non-Toxic


    Cinema Secrets Woochie Special FX Latex Appliance Devil Horns LG/SM


    Woochie Slit Throat Latex Appliance Injury

    Jeepers Creepers what happened to your peepers?????

    Woochie See No Evil Ripped Eyes Latex Appliance Injury

    So freaky.

    Woochie Stapled Mouth Latex Appliance Injury

    Animatronic Rocking Chair Prop — DIY How-to from Make: Projects

    Animatronic Rocking Chair Prop

    how to make an easy foam, lightweight torso Halloween prop

    Making your very own friend! Or at least a foam dummy...

    How To: "Ghostly Apparitions" Video Projection

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    Ghostly Apparitions - Holographic Effect In Doorway

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    Devil's Eve 36 - DIY Plug-n-Play LED Lighting System

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    Tutorial : LED lights for beginners

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    DIY Halloween LED Light System

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    AtmosFX Professional Projection Material

    AtmosFX Professional Projection Material

    Creepy Crawlies 2 – AtmosFX Store

    Creepy Crawlies 2

    AtmosFEARfx Unliving Portraits Digital Decorations I wish I had multiple projectors to have every one of these DVDs for the Halloween party.

    UnLiving Portraits

    We saw this at one of the big Halloween stores today and it is very cool!! AtmosFEARfx Ghostly Apparitions Digital Decorations Morris Costumes

    Ghostly Apparitions

    Haunted Ghost Portrait Halloween Prop

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    How To: Unliving Portrait

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    How to Make a Plaster Cast of your Hand

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    How to Make a Prosthetic Fake Hand

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    hand detail

    Garage of Evil!!

    Packing tape/cheesecloth ghost to hang in trees. Done for under 10 bucks!

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    Prop Showcase: Giant Spider Build from TK421 - Page 7

    Prop Showcase: Giant Spider Build from TK421 - Page 7