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Fresh blueberries and coconut give these creamy bar cookies a spring spin.

Go from Walking to Running a Half Marathon in just 18 Weeks!

A lot of shoes will feel great in the store but may become uncomfortable after you put a few miles on them. Picking the best running shoes for you depends a lot on your feet, your stance and your own particular running style.

7 Exercises to do Right Out of Bed - No time to exercise? The solution is set your alarm clock a few minutes early and do your workout first thing in the morning. These 7 exercises will boost metabolism and help to burn unwanted fat.

WeightLESS Workout Challenge -This challenging bodyweight workout is designed to burn fat, tone, and define, while simultaneously increasing balance and strength. See videos for demos of all moves. #fitness #workouts #fatburningworkouts

Be a runner with this Running Program for Absolute Beginners!

Chia Seeds: How and Why to Use Them (Plus 25 Recipe Links!) | Red and Honey

Squat challenge...starting tonight!

Keep that mental motivation up! #motivation #keepgoing

The treadmill isn't always preferred but with this Tough Tread Interval Run, I can switch it up! #toughtread #interval #run #workout

Have you ever tried a HIIT Workout? Well get ready to melt away fat in minutes with this awesome HIIT routine! #skinnyms #fitness #fatloss

Transform your body in just 12 weeks! This plan works! #totalbody #transformation

Beginner’s “See Ya” to Cellulite Workout

Buns and Guns Workout!

Beginner’s Flat Abs Workout Plus Core Strengthening

A quick and powerful workout that continues to work for up to 24 hours! Tabata, an intense four minute routine geared to melt off the pounds! #fitness #weightloss #skinnyms #tabata

Can you spare 15 minutes? Then try this 15 Minute Fat Burning Boot Camp! #skinnyms #fitness

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Get rid of your "pooch" once and for all with the Lower Ab Bulge Buster Workout! #skinnyms #fitness #fatloss

Run 1/2 mile.. then 10 push-ups, 20 squats, 30 sit-ups. Repeat 6 times. #getafterit #fitfluential