Inspiration and resources for homeschooling or for supplementing traditional schooling.
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A DIY "phonics phone" from PVC pipe - helps kids hear their own voices when reading aloud so they can correct their pronounciation on their own.

How To Make A Phonics Phone - Make Take & Teach

A solid summer reading list for 10-12 year-olds. Complete with printable checklist, to make reading goals fun!

Summer reading lists, part two (10-year-old girl)

Useful tools for ongoing education - for kids, adults, and everyone in between.

Ongoing education: 12 tools I really dig | The Art of Simple

Hunting the Elements - good, kid-friendly science show on Netflix.

NOVA | Hunting the Elements

The 10 best things you're not doing for your homeschool. This is so, so good and spot-on.

The 10 Best Things You're Not Doing for Your Homeschool

Simplify your homeschool day with 10 minutes and 10 cents.

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Citing Sources: A Quick and Graphic Guide on avoiding Plagiarism (using J.K Rowling as a source!)

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Talks to watch with kids on

Talks to watch with kids

A free kit for schools that gives students a chance to take apart a Dyson machine to learn more about detailed design engineering.

Engineering Box - James Dyson Foundation

Wikipedia For Schools—a downloadable, free, fact-checked Wikipedia for educational purposes! "Wikipedia is great, but ...because anyone can edit it, articles sometimes get vandalised. That’s why we’ve put together this special collection to make learning as easy and safe as it can be. ...we’ve checked all the articles, tidied them up a bit, and put them together by school subject."

Wikipedia for Schools

Online quiz of African geography. HARD.

Do you know Africa?

60 quality TV shows found on different streaming systems (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) for ages 8-12.

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Easy-to-read, inexpensive, downloadable high-resolution world maps, great for hanging or adding to notebooks. Up to date on countries, too!

ESL - World Maps

Teaching art to a non-artsy kid.

Teaching Art to a Non-artsy Kid - Milk and Cookies

An UNBELIEVABLE amount of resources for studying American history, including book recommendations, poetry to memorize, YouTube videos, and other links. (Syncs perfectly with CC Cycle 3, but anyone can use this!)

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15 science experiments for older kids—they can pretty much do these on their own. Yes, please.

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book project cards

What the Teacher Wants!: Reading Project Cards

Great and simple math from

math activities for preschoolers Archives - Kids Activities Blog

Fascinating comparisons that'll help you better understand time.

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Peter Kreeft speaking: The Irrepressible Presence of God in “The Lord of the Rings” | Story Warren

The Irrepressible Presence of God in “The Lord of the Rings”

Age of Empires infographic, by time spanned and amount of land conquered.

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If WWI was a bar fight.

If WWI was a bar fight…

Movies to supplement history.

Family Pass Movies to Supplement History, Paula's Archives

Hands-on multiplication with LEGO.

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Story of the World - Netflix Resources

Story of the World Netflix Resources