Tumblr gets vicious// Is it bad I want this to continue?<----I do too. <--Me three.<-- Me four. I would fund this book!<----me five

Tumblr gets vicious

I am all over this and would totally read it nice change from romantic books about a boy changing a girls life

Friend: Don't push the bu… Me: *slams fist against button* Friend: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? Me: WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER! <-- You, random pinner, are awesome.<<<<< PLUS I WANNA DRAAAGGOOONNN

Somebody has their priorities straight…

Somebody has their priorities straight. "F love I'm getting a dragon" XD

This is a pretty cool idea

Theres a book like that guys, it's called evermore by Alyson Noel, and ANOTHER book like that too, it's called Fallen by Lauren Kate

I would read this book<----- Whoever made this needs to write this book!! If you want i'll write it for you! just so i can read it! <----This would be so awesome!!!!

I would read this book. I would pay money for this book. You have a customer, right here. Write this book so you can take my money. <<< ok me too you has a 2 customer right here pls write book thanks

Tumblr Writing Prompt

usuk// Arthur constantly wears long sleeves and everyone gets suspicious but it's just because his soulmate is this adorkable idiot who <draws dicks on his arm because Alfred's an actual troll.

Tumblr Writing Prompt

This would literally be Cecil// Oh no Cecil would most likely share it with Carlos. I think Old Woman Josie might share hers to keep his cat alive. << Actually, I think it's Magnus Bane. CHAIRMAN MEOW SHALL LIVE FOREVER.

writing prompt

So basically Light sold half of his lifespan for shinigami eyes and they wrote a story(death note)<<Lol basically. But I just read a book about a girl who can see people's death dates but never mentioned seeing her own.

soulmates writing prompts - Google Search

Alternative soulmate AUs good worldbuilding means deeply exploring how a system would form around the fictional element that stands out in your universe.

That would be fun!

It'll be awesome

lol sounds a little like the percy jackson series. at some point every one of them fears their gifts for some reason or other.<< we, the Percy Jackson fandom, can find random posts like this, and make it related to our series.

Tumblr Writing Prompt

Or one is a warlock and one is a witch and they end up falling in love and raising the child together:)>>>how about two witches with an ongoing feud about how to raise the child