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how many cheerios can you stack in 30 seconds, etc. Use pink play dough and the pink yogurt cheerios to make this a Valentine's day school class party game

Fine motor activity

Fine motor activity: corks, tongs, and an egg carton. Finally something to do with all those corks we've been saving!

Great fine motor activity :)

Kids can work on using pincer grasp with clothes pins using this tidy box workspace that is easily portable for therapists! Nice set up for a traveling therapists to use clothes pins for and

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Developing Fine Motor Skills

For a fun and easy fine motor activity, write the child's name on a strip of paper. Have students peel the stickers off of the paper and put them on the letters of their name.

Maths activity of counting beads on a pipe cleaner. Great for developing number and fine motor skills. Laughing Kids Learn

Counting beads on pipe cleaners

I think you could also have multiple pipe cleaners coming from one number and students have to show multiple ways to add numbers to get to that number. Counting with pipe cleaners and beads. Great for fine motor development too.

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Developing Fine Motor Skills

This name activity is perfect for little hands! It's fun, teaches their name, and the tearing paper makes this a great fine motor activity!

Fine Motor Activity

Have fun developing fine motor skills balancing marbles on golf tees in pieces of foam. Pink and Green Mama: Preschool At Home: Marbles and Golf Tee Game

Simple Fine-Motor Activity

Popcorn Fine Motor Busy Bag (learning activity) for Toddlers and young children. Self-contained activity. Now I wish I never got rid of the popcorn containers I had.

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