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Onigirazu - Japanese Rice Sandwich


Japanese Salmon Chazuke (Green tea rice soup)

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11 Beautiful Japanese Words That Don't Exist In English

Untranslatable words from Japan, the polite and nature-loving country.

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Japanese bread with salted cherry blossom and red beans inside

可愛いい パンとマサラテイー(レシピ)

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Sesame Cookies

Black Sesame Cookies | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Sesame Cookie | Dessert Recipe | Just One Cookbook

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The World's Simplest Breakfast You're Probably Too Scared to Try

To your typical eggs-and-bacon American, there’s not much about tamago gohan…

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The History of the Japanese Fan Dance

I love the way geisha wear their kimono so long the hem creates this halo around their feet and they look like they are floating when they walk.

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dressed in junihitoe with a hosonaga jacket.


Differences in chan, kun, san, and sama

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