It's YOURS when you buy it, and you can loan it, sell it, or give it away, including leaving it to someone in a will. It will never have compatibility issues, nor does it come with an overburdened EULA. You can get one in a lovely, leather embossed cover, and it can be signed by the author, and neither Apple nor Amazon can delete it if you decide to take it with you overseas....

It’s Like An iPad

It's like an iPad, only thicker. It's like a movie you get to direct in your own head -- Jon Stewart explaining to young people why books are awesome

this is so accurate that I'm gonna die bye

clapping along to the friends theme every twenty minutes

Cute little story :) ...

The Best Excuse Ever. This Is Perfect.

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Some fun stuff for you :)

I definitely do not ship these pairs of eyes together, but that was quite beautiful.<<<< well I definitely DO ship these pairs of eyes together and it IS beautiful

Having a bad day

This Guy Was Having A Bad Day. What He Did Next Is Priceless. (When you're having a bad day read!