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I have a big white desk that would be awesome to convert to a vanity with a hinged mirror.

Bedroom,Charming Make Up Table Design Ideas With Charming Green Dressing Table And Nice Glass Mirror Also Comfortable Green Swivel Chair,Make Up Table Design Ideas

french grey vanity

Lovely simple bedroom vanity set: vintage furniture chicago the savoy flea perfect bedroom vanity set with lighted mirror gray bedroom vanity set with mirror ~ Bedroom design

Beautiful German Shepherds

Do you know that the German shepherd dog is instinctively a natural guard and a loyal family pet. If this breed is for you and your family, you will have a faithful protector, a loving companion, and a best friend for life.

Polka Dots Dresses in the 50s Style will never be oldfashioned...

Buy New: - (UK & Ireland Only) Pretty Kitty Fashion Large Polka Dot Black Rockabilly Swing Prom Pin-Up Dress Too bad I can't get it here!

Looney Tunes

This was one of my favorite cartoons. Nice Favorite Cartoons Bugs Bunny Cartoon For You . Looney Tunes Casper the Friendly Ghost Cartoon


Art made from a deconstructed Glock handgun and ammunition

"Homecoming Marine" October 1945

”The War Hero" aka. "Homecoming Marine" & "War Stories) by Norman Rockwell for The Saturday Evening Post, cover (info verified)


"camping - this is for you "Although this picture is missing a few things like a spa and more luxurious tent. does this mean we are on the camping plan previously discussed?