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Made in Croatia

Some facts and products made in Croatia. More Croatia --> #made #croatia #hrvatska

Made in Croatia

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Rab’s cake According to the legend, Rab’s cake was first served in 1177 to Pope Alexander III during the blessing of the Cathedral of Assumption in Rab. It was preserved by the nuns at St. Anthony of Padua monastery, and later the Benedictine Monastery of St. Andrija. The original secret recipe with all the details you need to know to create these sweet delicacies knew just a few ladies from Rab and grudgingly passed it on from generation to generation, so it is known today only to few of the

MADE IN CROATIA | Pearls of Croatia

The Vučedol dove is a ceramic model of a bird that represents a cult dish on three feet found during archaeological excavations in 1938 in Vučedol near Vukovar. Vučedol’s dove is the most famous individual archaeological findings from Croatia. #Vucedol #dove #Vukovar #Croatia

MADE IN CROATIA | Pearls of Croatia

Halubian Bell Bearers In #Halubje, the western part of the #Kastav around the river are preserved unique folk native customs – bell bearers, who origin from prehistory. Related to the livestock area, as shown by their equipment, their initial task was to scare away evil spirits of winter and to encourage springs new cycle. Today they are the permanent participants of the international "#Rijeka #Carnival", the largest group in #Croatia and one of the most famous in #Europe.

MADE IN CROATIA | Pearls of Croatia

Šestin’s umbrella #Šestin’s umbrella is part of Šestin’s traditional costumes typical for Zagreb surroundings. The Costumes have been in use up to the sixties of the 20th century, and since then slowly fading from everyday’s life. The Šestin’s costumes are now worn at various events and festivals, mostly in folklore purposes. Šestin’s umbrella is still a recognizable souvenir of the city.

Lepoglava lace The amazing lace, which is believed to be brought by Paulists (monks) a several centuries ago to Croatia, is Lepoglava’s uniqueness and its surroundings. The real expansion for Lepoglav’s a lace was in the late 19th century and 20th century when the lace wins the medals at international exhibitions. In 1937 in Paris the lace wins a gold medal and 1939 in Berlin a bronze medal.

#Wooden #churches of #Turopolje (plain near #Sava and #Kupa #rivers south of #Zagreb), #Croatia

'Kažuni' in Istria, #Croatia Little stone huts of circular ground plans and conical roofs. They are scattered round the fields and can still be useful as protection from unexpected showers, for laying away farming tools but also for night watching of the crops against the evil chance travellers. 'Kažun' is a type of building the existence of which has been recorded all over the #Mediterranean since 4000 years B.C.

"Korablja" tipical traditional wooden house of #Turopolje region, #Croatia

#Smiljan, the birthplace of #Nikola #Tesla, #Croatia

Panoramio - Photo explorer

Slavonski kulen

Slavonski kulen - Wikipedija

Croatian licitars

Toplo srce hrvatskoga puka

Croatian olive oil

Pozdrav Suncu (Greeting the Sun), Zadar - Croatia


A juicy Mediterranean sour cherry immerged in fine liquor centre and coated in smooth Kraš dark chocolate; those are the features of GRIOTTE, this unique confection, well-known to generations of customers.

Gajeta - traditional Croatian boat. #gajeta #boat #croatia

  • Hvar Kroatien
    Hvar Kroatien


  • Tomislav Turčinov
    Tomislav Turčinov


Rabuzin oil paintings

New snow chains

Tomislav Uzelac is the Croatian programmer who created AMP, considered the first successful MP3 player

Electric Current discovered by Nikola Tesla 1889. #electricity #nikola #tesla #smiljan #croatia

  • Tomislav Turčinov
    Tomislav Turčinov

    Happy birthday Nikola Tesla (Smiljan - Croatia, 10. srpnja 1856. - New York - USA, 7. siječnja 1943.)

Torpedo of Rijeka - First in the World

Europe first hydro power plant 'Jaruga' (Second in the World)

Doking XD #car #electric #doking #xd #croatia #hrvatska

Rimac - Concept One #car #electric #concept #one #croatia #hrvatska

Professor Balthazar

Professor Balthazar