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Black Cats Less Than Half As Likely To Be Adopted As Gray Cats. #blackcatsrule

LOOK: The Sad Reason Black Cats Really Are Unlucky


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Love for kitty - unknown Photographer #black & white #Photography

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Cat Worshippers From Ancient Egypt Til Now

Oh kitty, kitty, kitty....

things that make you go aahh

How to Calculate A Cat's Age in Cat Years | Catster

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sweet sleeping kittens..

Livingpierside: Persians (sweetmontana)


Kitten Found Under A Car, Now Safe And Happy

Ah, Lady and the Tramp- "we are Siamese if you please" (now try to get it out of your head...) (this is a .gif by the way, it moves!)

5 Things I'm Sorry I Asked My Husband

sweet kitties

Animals in Love - MMOABC

Halloween Kitten sees a ghost! :O

Becki's Bookshelf

sleepy kitty

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13 Ways Black Cats Make Life Amazing #refinery29 They're considered lucky in Japan. (There's even a black-cat cat cafe!)

13 Reasons Why Black Cats Are Amazingly Purrfect

In Japan, a black cat is considered a good luck charm. - Cat - sdominick/Getty Images

50 Fascinating Facts About Your Cat


Alpenstrasse - Hello 2015 :)

Protective is love

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Top 5 Short Haired Cat Breeds

Pet's We Love: Top 5 Short Haired Cat Breeds

Bow Tie Affair ~ 2014 ~ Such a handsome kitty

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