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Summer Travel

If you're traveling this summer with your family, friends, pets, or kids, we've got ideas to make it fun and stress free! #summertravel

Summer Travel

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Whether you're hitting the trails or pounding the pavement with your dog this summer, make sure to take a first-aid kit with you to help care for hurt paws! Find this one at Tuesday Morning. #pet #travel #TuesdayMorning

Everything you need for worry-free travel with your pet is here in this pet travel kit, available at Tuesday Morning! #pet #travel #TuesdayMorning

This great pet hammock, available at Tuesday Morning, keeps your pets comfortable and protects your car seats during long road trips. #pet #travel #TuesdayMorning

Everything you need for worry-free travel with your pet is here in this pet travel kit, available at Tuesday Morning! #pet #travel #TuesdayMorning

12 Pet-Friendly Destination Hotels Luxury Pet Travel

need to teach this to sam.

Pet Travel Safety Tips | PetHub -- plus great advice from!

Do you have a long car ride coming up? Or an evening in a hotel room when you want to keep your dog busy? Interactive toys are great tools to keep your dog occupied! This JW Pet toy compares at $12 but sells for just $5.99 at Tuesday Morning!

For all its fun, summer also means a time of major natural disasters. Be sure to create an evacuation plan for your pets and have pet travel supplies on hand and ready to grab if you evacuate!

Not all summer travel means vacation; if you're moving with your pets, you'll also need pet travel supplies including a crate or carrier, car safety gear, toys to break up the boredom, and treats and toys to relieve stress!

Accidents happen--but you don't want to risk your hotel pet deposit. Pack some carpet cleaner to quickly clean up any pet messes! This cleaner compares at $14.99 but at Tuesday Morning it's just $6.99!

Before your road trip, spend some time researching pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and attractions to make your trip smoother--for you AND your dog!

Doga -- yoga with your dog -- is a fun way to bond with your four-legged family member. More and more destinations are offering lessons or you can teach yourself and practice anywhere, even in a hotel room after a long day's drive!

A big paws up for camping and canines!

The sky's the limit when it comes to summer fun you can have with your dog! How about a surf lesson?

Please remember to NEVER leave a dog in a parked car. Temperatures can soar to deadly levels in just minutes. Think you'll just leave the engine running? Engines can die, and cars can be stolen. Plan to take your dog with you on activities or look for doggie day care or a pet sitter at your destination.

Many public beaches and lakes require a leash no longer than six feet. Nylon leashes are fast-drying!

Use the Aspenpet Furrific! Grooming Glove to remove loose fur so it doesn't wind up in your hotel room or in your car! Compare at $12.99 but just $5.99 at Tuesday Morning!

Does your dog need help enjoying the car? The number one tip: start slowly. Sit in the car with your dog without turning it on and feed him some super great treats. Talk in a happy tone then just go back in the house; training session's over. Take baby steps until he's comfortable and enjoys getting in the car and is ready for adventure!

Bringing the scent of home is a great way to help your dog relax on the road. This travel bed for pets compares at $39.99 but is just $19.99 at Tuesday Morning!

7 things your dog should never do in the car!

Chomp! Reward your dog's good behavior with high-quality chews like these Dog Whisperer Healthy Beef Tendons. Made in the USA, the all-natural treats compare at $9.99 but are just $4.99 at Tuesday Morning!

Scoop the poop when you travel! Tuesday Morning has 16 rolls of waste bags for just $7.99 (compare at $17.99!)

Be a good hotel guest by carrying a sheet to cover the hotel linens and a toy to keep your dog occupied!

Crates aren't just for training! If you plan to leave your dog alone in a hotel room (and not all hotels permit it), be sure to kennel your dog. Kennels are also great in the event of an evacuation! This Aspen Pet kennel compares at $119.99 and sells for just $59.99 at Tuesday Morning!