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We Love Our Pets!

Thinking about getting a pet? Before you bring your furry friend home, make sure everything is ready for your new addition. Discover essentials like beds and grooming supplies, plus don’t forget to pamper your pet by keeping plenty of toys and treats on hand! #TuesdayMorning

We Love Our Pets!

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Often the additional of a new pet to our households follows the loss of a dear pet. If you'd like to memorialize your lost pet, you'll find beautiful outdoor statues like this cat at your local #TuesdayMorning store. This concrete cat, priced at just $14.99 at Tuesday Morning, compares at $30 at other stores.

Training kennels are a great way to acclimate your new dog or cat to your home, providing a den-like retreat for them to get away for a bit. You'll find training kennels at #TuesdayMorning, like this kennel that sells for $24.99, compared to $59.99 at other stores.

Help your new kitten feel like part of the family faster by putting one pet bed in a place where you hang out, such as near the television. Provide him a second bed in a quiet place, if he'd like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the family. This super soft bed compares at $39.99 but sells for just $19.99 at #TuesdayMorning!

Bringing a new adult dog into your home? You'll want to welcome him with toys, a new collar and leash, a bed, new bowls, and treats. Check out your local #TuesdayMorning store for your dog's needs at a discount price.

Need a name for that new kitten? has names that range from international to nerdy, even with a collection of tech names like Byte and Java.

Need help choosing a name for your new dog? has names that range from tough to elegant.

Small puppies have small bladders--so be sure to stock up on puppy pads for those inevitable accidents. We found a carton of puppy pads at #TuesdayMorning for just $12.99, compared to $24.99 at other stores.

Interactive toys challenge your new pet to engage with them by chasing toy, opening compartments to reveal a hidden treat, or reaching inside to grab a toy. Lucky loves this mechanized toys that runs across the floor, priced at #TuesdayMorning at just $1.99, compared to $7.99 at other stores.

You can't argue with Charles Dickens!

By Bern Williams

Your new puppy has so much to learn! You can make that learning fun by incorporating great treats into your training. You'll find great treats--including numerous USA-made treats--at your local #TuesdayMorning, at a deep discount.

Let's play! Your new kitten has energy to spare, and his behavior will be much improved if you give him some fun toys for burning up that energy. Look for all kinds of cat toys at your local #TuesdayMorning store at a discount!

Your new puppy will be outgrowing his collars at a rapid rate. Be sure to check his collar frequently; you should be able to slip two fingers beneath the collar or it's too tight. Visit your local #TuesdayMorning store for a great selection of collars at a discounted price!

After the joy of adding a furry family member to their home, many adopters return to the shelter to leave a donation. Shelters always need cleansers, toys, grooming supplies, and other items you'll find at your local #TuesdayMorning at a deep discount.

Build your bond with your new dog or puppy through play! #TuesdayMorning has some great toys like this tough toy made from industrial grade nylon, priced at just $6.99, compared to $14.99 at other stores.

Getting a new puppy? Check this new puppy supply list. You'll find many of these products at your local #TuesdayMorning store at a deep discount, too.

Curry combs are a great way to remove shed fur from short-haired dogs and cats...and it's as easy as just petting! With soft rubber teeth, this grooming tool gently removes loose hair. Priced at just $4.99 at #TuesdayMorning, compared to $9.99 at other stores.

Considering bringing a new cat or dog into your family? Check this #infographic: How Much Does It Cost to Live with a Dog? Once you've decided, visit your local #TuesdayMorning to stock up on pet supplies at a big discount!

Pet Proofing Your Home: do a good sweep of your home BEFORE bringing in that new dog or cat! #Infographic

A super soft bed can help a new pet feel right at home in new surroundings. This cuddly bed sells for $19.99 at #TuesdayMorning, compared to $39.99 at other stores.

Bringing a new dog--especially a puppy--into your home? Be sure to do some puppy proofing FIRST to keep your dog safe around electrical wires and potential toxins (like that chocolate candy bar on your counter!)

Before you bring that new cat or kitten into your home, take some time to prepare the home for his safe arrival. You'll find many supplies for your pet at your local #TuesdayMorning store.

A track ball toy is a great gift to buy your new kitten or cat. Place it in your cat's new "safe room" where he'll acclimate for a few days before joining the rest of your home. You'll be able to hear the sound of the toy and know he's enjoying himself. Available at #TuesdayMorning for $5.99, compared to $10.99.

Crate mats aren't just for crates and carriers! This memory foam crate mat also makes a great bed, the perfect way to let your new pet know they're home! This crate mat sells for $9.99 at #TuesdayMorning, compared to $24.99 at other stores.

If you're adding a puppy or adolescent dog to your family, you'll want heavy duty toys that will stand up to those puppy this flyer. Constructed of nylon canvas, this toy will stand up to hours of play. Available at #TuesdayMorning for $6.99, compare at $14.99.