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Celeste. And Queen Amberly. And America's dad. And Anne. And Micah even though you didn't even know him it still broke my heart.


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Hey guys im going to the book store and idk what to get any help ive read the selection trilogy matched trilogy delirium trilogy and all the maze runners any suggestions on new books :)

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This was so cute! I still think if she said this earlier or told him she even liked him, the Selection would've been over a lot quicker and maybe could've talked about the world and the changes Maxon and America were going to bring.

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The twins eadlyn and ahren Schreave. Eadlyn was born 7 minute before ahren so that means she would be queen

Princess Eadlyn Schreave

OH MY GOSH GUISE I'M DYING RIGHT NOW. This is my favorite book series like EVER and this part made me cry. If you haven't read this book.....READ IT PLEASE!

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The Selection, Maxon Quotes--according to a book Boyfriends quiz I took on facebook, he should be my book Boyfriend

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