Beyonce New Poster typography art wall decor mottos by sinansaydik - Etsy - Don't Worry Be yonce

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Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon quote

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Life is a song, love is the music #lovemusic #theacademy

Amazing artwork by Ingrid Beddoes

Cemetery beauty

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Machu Picchu, Peru | 32 Magical Destinations To Visit In This Lifetime

32 Magical Destinations To Visit In This Lifetime

The Hardy Tree In the churchyard of St Pancras Old Church in London, hundreds of old gravestones circle an ash tree. In the 1860's an older part of the churchyard was designated to make way for a new railway line. Coffins were removed with care and reburied elsewhere. Some of the headstones were placed in a circular pattern around a young ash tree in the churchyard. Over the decades the tree has, inevitably grown and parts of the headstones nearest the tree have disappeared in to its gro...

The Hardy Tree: An Early Work of a Great Novelist

::::::::: Vintage Photograph ::::::::: Sisters all five standing in a row.

Mathilde brode

this is adorable

Awesome dogs... - The Meta Picture

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Another possible tattoo idea. But I would change it to "Dream without limits. Love without fear." I cant wait to get a tattoo with my baby

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Perspective is always invaluable.....Our troops don't get enough recognition as it is and they have one of the hardest jobs out there and most do it without complaining. Thanks to the soldiers, sailors, marines, and air men!

Things in perspective…

Best moisturizer for the skin I have came across with! Day time apply only a few drops to your face and night time you may use more ;)

36 Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Olive Oil That You Never Knew

The Fallen. A D-Day Tribute in Arromanches, France for those who died in Operation Neptune, June 6, 1945. Nine thousand silhouettes in the sand.

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22 Amy Poehler Quotes That Will Actually Change Your Life


The Mysterious Chest

Abandoned town- Oradour-Sur-Glane.This town was abandoned because the Nazis rounded all the citizens up and killed them. France left the entire town untouched as a memorial. The people were buried, but the items; cars, bikes, baby carriages, still remain.

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Essential Oils

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So Cute! My Chi used to have a Great Dane friend, and it would terrify me when she would run up to him without a second thought about it.

Funny Dog Photos with Captions #2

42 Facts About Space, A Homage to Douglas Adams -

42 Facts About Space, A Homage to Douglas Adams | #geek


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A woman and her grandmother both at age 20. love this!!

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol.XX)

15 historical photos that have been colorized via Huffington Post - Abandoned boy holding a stuffed toy animal. London 1945

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15 Remarkable Colorized Photos Will Let You Relive History

<strong>Not published in LIFE.</strong> Jimmy Stewart on the set of <i>It's a Wonderful Life</i>.

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Dogs are Gods way of apologizing for your relatives.

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