Prunksaal Hofbibliothek Wien, State Hall of the Austrian National Library, Vienna, Austria

comfy library--unusual sofa and book shelves color.  Fresh look for library.

home library - wall filled with books on bookshelves. Furniture in front of bookcase. Love the lights on bookshelves.


I Cannot Live Without Books Quote Picture -- the first quote is by the author of my favorite book, shown!

Book Nook in a fireplace that is no longer usable. Very creative use of space. Just make sure to clean that fireplace well before putting any books in there and to seal things to prevent water damage or pests from coming down the chimney.

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Books and light! I definitely want a library in my house. This is a really great use of the space.


I have quite the (unhealthy) addiction for old books. If you do not know what to get me, find an old book.

old books.

I can almost smell them through the screen. I'm pretty sure if someone hit me with Amortentia, old book smell is one of the things it would smell like.