All these women weigh 154 pounds. We all carry weight differently. - GREAT visual.  So glad someone finally did this.

All these women weigh 154 pounds. We all carry weight differently, so focus on healthy habits rather than the number on the scale. All these women weigh 154 pounds.

Next to the real women, the models look sick.

Beautiful women come in any size. Skinny models are beautiful real women as much as curvy girls. We should all be healthy and confident, since each of us deserve it.

What a great reminder that all girls don't look like advertisement!

I would call this a curvy girl :) realistic goal. She looks beautiful and healthy with curves.

Embrace yourself

be confident no matter what, you ARE beautifull even with those extra pounds and you DO matter although youll never have size love yourself! you are more than perfect.

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Damn straight

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curvy girl/ plus size fashion

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I love how she has embraced her gray she still looks fresh and vibrant. I also love her outfit!

I will never be a size 0 or weigh 100 lbs, but I can be fit and healthy and curvy and sexy in my own body... and by God, I WILL.

Why must we call her a plus size model? She is just a model, maybe a role model would be a better word Jennifer Maitland Plus Size Model Photos of beauti girls - on the beach, outdoors, in cars. Only real girls.

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So much body shaming. Thin = admired and loved.  "Fat" = loser and unlovable.  STOP shaming.

Eva -- unhealthy body, she needs to gain weight. Tara -- healthy body, looks beautiful. Curves are beautiful because at least some curves are healthy and normal. Be healthy! Whatever body type you have naturally, be healthy, not sick.