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Balancing crane or ballet dancer about to prance … Juniper Bonsai, Literati style (Bunjingi).:

Wlodzimierz Pietraszko

Elegant like ikebana.Balancing crane or ballet dancer about to prance … Juniper Bonsai, Literati style (Bunjingi).

The ancient Japanese art of Bonsai creates a miniature version of a fully grown tree through careful potting, pruning and training. Even if you're not zen enough to labour over your own Bonsai,...

A bonsai tree can add such beautiful to your backyard decoration and home decor. It adds peace and is a peace of art in itself. There are many but I've selected 60 best trees for bonsai.

How to Succeed at Bonsai Gardening

C.V. Starr Bonsai Museum


Tricks For Cultivating Bonsai Trees in Sanborn, North Dakota


25 Awesome Looking Bonsai Designs

incredible bonsai tree seems blown by the wind ; ) "Crazy Bonsai Tree" photo by LloydVincent Wang 4016714282 ~~ Its absolutely Beautiful ~~

Amazing bonsai tree, wow

Top 10 Most Amazing Bonsai Trees

By far the most popular image; A Juniper Bonsai tree by Luis Vila. It is placed in a unique Crescent Bowl, which enhances the dramatic effect of the cascade composition. This is a personal favorite, stunning composition! Photo by: Salvador De Los Reyes.

Bonsai and Suiseki Exhibit and Competition, Philippines 2013

A Bonsai Tree at the Suiseki Exhibit and Competition in Want to see more amazing bonsai trees? See more awesome bonsai trees .