"Chateau Oublié - Belgium" -- [A Forgotten Castle]~[Photograph by Off-Limits (Joachim) - March 15

neglected castle..

Castle in Versailles, France Italian villa architecture decay ruins abandoned buildings places architecture decay ruins abandoned buildings .


10 of the World's Most Scariest Places to Visit - Hashima Island, Japan ^scary? Try beautiful!

Old Farm House - this looks like a drawing

old farm house. I see these houses all the time where I am at, and I wonder who would have let such a beauty go to waste?

Bannack-school-house-ghost town, Montana

abandoned Bannack-school-house-ghost town, Montana, the school house still has the desks in it!


Would love to deconstruct and rebuild a building like this in the area to be an upscale wedding and event venue. -imagine that building with a big garden and fountains.

The ghost island of Hashima, 端島 (or Gunkanjima, 軍艦島) , Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan

15 of the World's Most Strange Abandoned Places - Hashima Island, Japan. I want to write about this place.

Deserted Old Farm House Kitchen & Back Porch

Deserted Old Farm House Kitchen & Back Porch.still beautiful. Such a shame old houses like this are disappearing.

Ghost Island (Hashima), Japan

Also called "Battleship Island", Hashima Island off the coast of Japan was once the most densely populated city on planet earth. From 1890 to the island was a coal mining facility.

Ghost Island: Hashima Island, Japan

Ghost Island: Hashima Island, Japan - this place fascinates me, what a history

staircase inside an abandoned villa in Scalone, Italy(Thomas Jorion Photograph)

Thomas Jorion Forgotten Palaces: A villa lies abandoned in the north of Italy, its once-grand staircase reduced to rubble