Drivetrain might be on the wrong side of the bike but that chainring is a beauty


Faggin Primavera Fixed Gear Bike by Marcello Faggin - Great minimalist design, although I have no interest in fixies

Chainless "Bike 2.0" by Nils Sveje has an in-crank generator for electricity transmission instead of a chain. Drive is transmitted through an automatic gearbox and the handlebar contains two wireless rings to charge or set the usage of the battery.

Chainless Two-Wheelers

Inoda + Sveje is a design duo comprising Kyoko Inoda, born in Osaka in and Nils Sveje, born in Denmark in


Cinelli - There's just something about a nice head badge

French cyclist Robert Jacquinot in a café during the 1922 Tour de France

Tour de France french Robert JACQUINOT, the leader during the first two stages, before knowing difficult stage in Les Sables d’Olonne.