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Emily Borgerding

Emily Borgerding
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Idina Menzel- so much talent in one woman!

okay so here is my first submission on here um yeah not much to say about it but its a mix of idina menzel and elphaba thropp. Idina and Elphie

The parallels between Elphaba and Elsa are crazy, besides the fact that they were played by the same woman.

An awesome parallel between Frozen and Wicked, Elsa and Elphaba. Amazingly similar, these two characters and the lyrics of their songs! This lyric is from Defying Gravity from Wicked put to stills from Elsa's Let It Go.

I understood that reference!

Funny pictures about Meet the Robinsons meet The Avengers. Oh, and cool pics about Meet the Robinsons meet The Avengers. Also, Meet the Robinsons meet The Avengers.

Loki in the Dark World

Don't ever trust Loki unless you want to end up crashed into a pillar with him laughing maniacally at your stupidity.


Tom needs to remember he's not actually Loki.and that the Avengers aren't real.<<< um, NO - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!