color .

this is not a spice market in morocco, i think. it looks like the color powder you buy right before HOLI and this is (so) INDIA!

Pink vs. pink

rhubarb--- I have a kid story character in the stories I tell my daughter whose name is Rhubarb Kinsella. I love rhubarb. So much I`d name a kid rhubarb, if only an imaginary kid.


"Zion Tribe" Models Aliane Uwimana Gatabazi and Rachelle Mongita photographed by Maëlle André for MOTEL Magazine ~ African Style

thebohogarden: “Mr. Kate ”

I like this photo due to the blue powder rising in the wind and the girl blowing it it makes colour in the photo, I like how it looks messy.

Shopping at Place Jemaa el Fna Marrakech Market (Things to Do in Morocco).

The Beautiful Colors of Marrakech at Jemaa el Fna

See colorful photos of Place Jemaa el Fna, one the best-known squares in Africa, a UNESCO site, and a must see if you're in Marrakech Morocco!

Lip print dress

White dress, watercolor // Isa Arfen Spring-Summer 2014 Trunkshow Look 6 via Moda Operandi


there is nothing i love more that a pencil or charcoal sketch. i used that as inspiration for my business card. how perfect would this image be hanging as a piece of art?

Georgia Loveridge - Print, BA Textile Design /

textile print design degree show-Layered Colors Idea for project- colour blocking behind pattern done by layering of colours, different opacity

Gray Garden Hand Dyed Yarn Fingering Weight Sock by DruzyRising

Gray Garden ~ Hand Dyed Yarn, Fingering Weight, Sock Yarn, Speckled, Pastel, Lilac Gray, Blue, Mint, Yellow, Pink, Red, Merino, Nylon


Paint Brushes by Art Freak~ "On the path of love, we are neither masters,nor the owner's of our lives.We are only a brush in the hand of the master painter" Rumi


“ lamusenoire: “ In Living Color: Model Tico Armand by Bryan Benoit Photo Credit: Bryan Benoit ” N, W ” Gorgeous