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    Javiera Parry
    Javiera Parry
    Javiera Parry

    Javiera Parry

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    I love crafts and I love creating craft. I love making wire jewelry.

    nice bangle DIY Going to try this. Maybe using an S in each curve, just because I don't like to follow directions.

    FREE video trick = make a "Wiggly Scribbly" 60-second cane with polymer clay by Christi Friesen. #polymer #christifriesen #diycrafts #projects #freeProjects #tuts #polymerclay #polymerclayCanes #canes #pattern

    Cazuela de Pollo Receta Chilena (Chilean Recipe) //since it's a rainy day today.

    Simple Homemade Tomato Soup - just a handful of pantry ingredients and 20 minutes hands-on time is all it takes to make this INCREDIBLE homemade tomato soup!

    I like the idea of doing it in a different color other than white. Or maybe a combo of colors. (no tutorial, just pic)

    .Jackie Chan

    Mother. Original signed wearable art. Hand made polymer clay pendant.

    Bombshells...Ruby Peridot Pink and Orange Sapphire Signature Original Gold Filled Scrolled Earrings.

    New Song Book

    Lumiere & Cogsworth From Beauty and the Beast Tutorial (Polymer Clay) - YouTube

    Translucent polymer clay tinted with alcohol inks and painted with permanent marker after baking and sanding and buffing.

    master class ink and polymer clay

    Disney's Frozen Chibi Anna Polymer Clay Charm Tutorial / Arcilla Polimérica - YouTube

    Bondic is a liquid plastic welder that can be used to bond, fill in, or even build plastic, metal, and wood parts. Repair everything from toys to eyeglasses to jewelry.

    Just awesome

    India, Jehovahs Witnesses are Every where!

    El pastel de choclo es un plato de verano, en mi familia siempre se hizo el 1 de enero, con los primeros chocleros y mucha albahaca.

    Living forever will not be boring. There will be so much to do in the new system. Preparing for the return of our friends and family (Resurrection). Bringing the earth back into a paradise like condition and so much more!

    Give your all to Jehovah!

    Seaglass...I love it -- gotta make pendants and earrings with the seaglass my nephews gave me!

    Beautiful wrapping. Certainly need some previous experience before you have a prayer of following these pictures.

    Yes, Jehovah is my Father, My God and Friend. It is possible to become a friend of God [see James 2:23 - "and the scripture was fulfilled which says: "Abraham put faith in Jehovah, and it was counted to him as righteousness, and he came to be called "Jehovah's friend.".]

    ♥•.¸¸.•♥ has the Bible and bible based study aids to read, watch, listen and download in 300+ (sign included) languages. They also offer free in home bible studies. All at no charge.

    all B'Sue goodies! Karen Eaton KJewelryCreations

    Double bezel. All B'Sue Karen Eaton KJewelryCreations

    Grilled chicken topped with roasted green chiles and melted Jack cheese. Ohhhhh, heaven.

    Goal: visit every bethel branch worldwide!