DIY idea for Origami monster book marks - this would be a great March Reading Month project for the kindergarten

I "Mustache" Your Opinion (An Opinion Writing Unit)

Fantastic resource for transitional words and phrases for OPINION WRITING and persuasive writing.

As pinned: Accountable Talk Anchor Chart - Higher Order questioning for students to ask each other

The Super Simple Word Slider

I chose this pin because it allows students to use their letter sounds while reading a word. This word slider helps children learn to blend letter sounds together. Such a simple way to teach an important reading skill! {Playdough to Plato}

This Close Reading Oreos lesson shows students the importance of rereading texts, by comparing the difference in what students notice "first glance" versus "second look.

5 Hands-on Strategies to Teach Reading Comprehension for ESL Students

Teach Your Child to Read - 5 Hands-on Strategies to Teach Reading Comprehension for ESL Students - Minds in Bloom Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

4th Grade Summer Reading List (Ages 9 - 10

Links to other grades, including high school reading level books for our youngest readers. Grade Reading List (age 9 - - Fantasy, Humor, Mystery, and MORE! Long list of books!

High Interest Low Readability Books for Struggling Readers

High Interest Low Readability Book List for Struggling Readers great if you teach kids in through grades This Reading Mama

Ten Books Full of Travel and Adventure

This list of travel and adventure books offers suggestions for the youngest child to adults.

If You Love Harry Potter, You'll Like These Books, Too

If your kids are big Harry Potter fans like mine, here are 26 books similar to Harry Potter they’ll also love and are highly recommended by Melissa of Imagination Soup.