Sergey Feiler
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Dieter Rams Tribute Poster Is Modern Check out Blue Art Studios tribute poster to Dieter Rams. Rams was a huge industrial design influence back in the day and his presence is still seen in products today, especially from Apple.

Clean & Minimalist Landing Page


Full graphic identity development for an afro-fusion festival done in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Last University project at Cátedra Gabriele& course

CroSpots — Mobile Web / KREATIVA Studio

10 Best UI UX Design of January 2017 is a collection of the best UI UX Designs made in the month of January. It includes Lonely Planet, FireArt Studio .

Pixi Icons — Health & Fitness / Scott Dunlap

Pixi Icons - Health & Fitness by Scott Dunlap

Pixi Icons — Food & Drink / Scott Dunlap

Pixi Icons - Food & Drink by Scott Dunlap

Your Age / Simon Gustavsson

Part of the onboarding of a yet untitled app we& working on. Stay tuned for more from this!

Exploring a Node Based Architecture — Security Reports / Sam Thibault

ed Architecture: Security Reports : In the past our team has worked on projects that have dealt with very unique interface challenges, one of those being a node based architecture. This type of architecture is especially helpful when.