ikea decking squares, for using in the bathroom with rocks under and around the clawfoot. They would also work great in my kitchen over the ugly ceramic tile, buy as I can afford and cover the whole thing all the way into the dining/family room.

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Painting an old radiator ( & or pipes ) bright color makes it a piece of art. After painting the whole exposed ceiling in the basement one solid light color .... Painting some of the pipes funky colors is going to be GREAT!! Pix soon!

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Conserve energy and save money on your monthly bills by hanging clothing to dry on an Indoor-Outdoor Clothesline. This versatile laundry accessory mounts onto a wall or post and along with the included hook provides 20 full feet of clothesline in the laundry room basement or even outdoors. A Phillips screwdriver and

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just did a similar thing...tension rod to hang curtains that will hide/showcase laundry room shelves above appliances...also hides all those pipes, outlets etc

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