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Brooke Pegher
Brooke Pegher
Brooke Pegher

Brooke Pegher

That would certainly put things in perspective. I wish menus would list burpee equivalents rather than calories. For example, if you had pumpkin spiced latte, you might as well get down and do 367 burpees. LOL damn it dessert!!

This site has a coloring page creator that is super cute for kids pages!! You have to go to the main page and then in right side Coloring Page Creator.

Never apologize for your enthusiasm.

UM pretty sure this is the best idea. EVER.

The beach is my happy place. Everything goes away.. Anger, stress, hurt, sadness.

Irene Sendler Inspiration #consciousliving #neverforget

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All these women weigh 154 pounds. We all carry weight differently. Keep it in perspective . Love this.