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Two Scoops Press
Two Scoops Press

Two Scoops Press

The indie publishing company behind Two Scoops of Django. Run by @pydanny and @audreyr.

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Code Makes Me Happy: Lazy Evaluation and SQL Queries in the Django Shell

ESP8266: This $5 Microcontroller with Wi-Fi is now Arduino-Compatible

Million Dollar Curve: By using publicly verifiable randomness produced in February 2016 by many national lotteries from all around the world, we propose to generate a cryptographically secure elliptic curve for the ECDH cryptosystem as an alternative to the NIST P-256 and the Curve25519 curves.

An interactive viewer to see and test how digital products respond to material design breakpoints across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Advice from Kate Compton on building any kind of generator: humorous twitterbots, fanciful art-making bots, level generators, planet builders, makers of music, architecture, poetry, and cocktails

Docker Datacenter brings container management and deployment services to enterprises with a production-ready platform supported by Docker and hosted locally behind the firewall

pyGeno, a Python package for precision medicine. Works with both reference and personalized genomes.

Delivering Octicons with SVG

GitHub now delivers icons with SVG instead of icon font.

Getting the most out of Django Admin filters: adding 2 filters that are related to each other

Code Makes Me Happy: Solving UnicodeDecodeErrors Due to Opening Binary Files