So simple and beautiful!

Turquoise Infinity Bracelet Wire Wrapped Gold Brass and Suede MADE TO ORDER One of my new favorite pieces. I took heavy gauge wire and formed an

Mint & Lavender Nails

Ongles du jour avec Lime Crime, A England et Nfu Oh !

Love the aqua lavender color combination- reminds me of a thermos I had as a kid for summer camp.

Choose a solid color to paint as your base coat, let dry. Then take a tooth pick and dip into colors desired and make dots. Let dry. Then apply a clear coat on top. Dry. Be fabulous!

Multi-color dots on black nail design. hmmmm maybe just on one nail though

I think my next hair venture will be purple highlights. :)

Inspiring pictures of Edgy Highlights Hairstyles Images. You can use this Edgy Highlights Hairstyles Images to upgrade your style.

Adorable cloud/rainbow nails.

Reminds me of when I was nine. Rainbows, clouds, and.wait, we need a unicorn here. <-she basically means rainbow dash nails. And the unicorn being twilight

Unikite and Red Jasper Mala

Pray everyday to your 'Higer Self' - your God 'Self' within. Sonner or later we all will realize that we are Gods. This is a Mala - it is Indian prayer beads and has 108 beads.

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