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Tofu | pana objects

I wish I had it for my desk. Tofu is a minimalist design created by Thailand based designer Pana. This stationary series was designed as a remembrance to that nostalgic .

Wood trivets ♡ TOMA Objects

Wood trivets by TOMA Objects. Made in Montreal, Quebec. How gorgeous would these be hanging on the kitchen walls?

3D | Moda | Animación | Ilustración | Decoración | Vídeo | Foto | Tattoo | Música | Diseño | Tipografía  Wood Casting :: Hilla Shamia

Wood Casting :: Hilla Shamia

Israeli designer Hilla Shamia uniquely joins the materials of aluminum and wood in this Wood Casting series. Using a whole tree trunk, Shamia pours molten aluminum directly onto the wood, which burns the surface and darkens the wood.

Wooden tableware collection.

Wooden kitchen tools are great. Olive wood is wonderful but hard to find. Choose a hard wood and treat it well. (Do not soak or wash in a dishwasher.) love the bread bowl

Wood tableware

beautiful wood tableware designed by Masayuki Kurokawa // interesting kitchen accents to tie in the lighter wood


Wooden by Antoni Tudisco - Wooden -- is the latest, incredibly realistic illustrations of wooden objects, project of Germany based graphic designer by Antoni Tudisco.

gusa  argentina's handmade wood object  info@mamell.com.ar

gusa argentina's handmade wood object info@mamell.com.ar