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I will never hate my feet again! can you imagine?!

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Some of the skulls in the ossuary of the 15th century Neamt Monastery have little paintings showing their owners in life, others simply state the names and dates of the monks.

Tus ganas de vivir me horrorizan.


fritz haarmann’s preserved head - known as the "butcher of hanover" and the "vampire of hanover" was a german serial killer who is believed to have been responsible for the murder of 27 boys and young men between 1918 - 1924. He was convicted, found guilty of 24 murders and executed. haarmann was beheaded by guillotine on April 15, 1925. his head was preserved in a jar by scientists to examine the structure of the brain. haarmann's head is now kept at the göttingen medical school.

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dental teaching head - ye gods this is creepy!

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This is a wax model of Madame Dimanche (Widow Sunday) who had a 9.8 inch horn on her head. It took six years to grow to that length. It was removed successfully by a famed French surgeon.

10 Disturbing Medical Images from History - Listverse


Pessaries (300s BC - 1900s) A pessary is a vaginal suppository used to kill sperm and/or block their passage through the cervix. It's one of the oldest contraceptive devices, having been used for over 3,000 years in various cultures. Ancient pessaries were often made from animal feces (crocodile in Egypt, elephant in India), along with a honey, ground up fruit and bark. Once inserted, the pessary would melt at body temperature and form an impenetrable covering on the cervix.

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Giant-Crystal-Pyramid-Discovered-In-Bermuda-Triangle -World | http://exploringuniversecollections.blogspot.com

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The 'Louvre Doll' found in a jar with an inscribed tablet. It depicts a nude woman in a kneeling position pierced by thirteen needles. An experiment of coercion dating back to ancient times. In other words, it was the French who invented "voodoo dolls".

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A square biscuit starfish found off of Australia

seepicz - See Epic Pictures


Abandoned in WW2 - A Parisian apartment left untouched for over 70 years was discovered in the quarter of Pigalle.

The Paris Time Capsule Apartment


The original Monopoly game board made by Charles Darrow. Charles Darrow reportedly made about 5000 of these and this is the only one that still exists. It is made from a piece of oilcloth and is shaped like a circle 33-inches in diameter instead of the usual square shape we all know. For about $145,000 this might be the most expensive board game ever sold!

The original Monopoly game board - Doobybrain.com


In 1619, America’s first marijuana law was enacted at Jamestown Colony, Virginia, “ordering” all farmers to “make tryal of “(grow) Indian hempseed. More mandatory (must-grow) hemp cultivation laws were enacted in Massachusetts in 1631, in Connecticut in 1632 and in the Chesapeake Colonies into the mid-1700s.

The History of Cannabis Hemp


A "zonkey"! Also known as a "zedonk," it's a zebra/donkey hybrid.

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Alois Alzheimer first Alzheimers patient Diagnosed in 1906 at the age of 51 ( Auguste Deter)

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Ancient paintings from Val Camonica, Italy. These pictures resemble modern day astronauts despite being painted ca. 10,000 BC.

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On June 27 in 1969, workmen cutting into a rock shelf situated on the Broadway Extension of 122nd Street, between Edmond & Oklahoma City, found an inlaid tile floor 3 ft below the surface, and covering several thousand square ft. A form of mortar was found between the tiles. IT WAS DATED AT OVER 200,000 YEARS OLD! Still believe that we've only be here 250,000 years? REALLY??

House of Mosaic Tile Floor, Remains of Ancient Greece, Soluntum, Palermo outskirts, Sicilia, Italy, Europe Stock Photo 4034-67622


For the past 100 years, prior to any hurricane making landfall on South Carolinas Pawleys Island, a mysterious man appears on the beach and warns all who see him to leave the island. There are numerous documented instances of witnesses encountering this strange man, dressed all in gray, as the stormy weather is approaching. Even stranger, those residents who take the Gray Mans advice always find their homes undamaged after the storm. Those that dont invariably have their homes destroyed.

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File this one under unsolved geological mysteries. In Judge C.R. Magney State Park in Minnesota, the Brule River flows toward Lake Superior. On its way to the lake, the river is split in two, forming a pair of waterfalls. Pretty, right? But here’s where things get strange. The eastern waterfall behaves normally, flowing into a pool and then continuing on its way. But the western one spills vast amounts of water into a huge, mysterious hole — the Devil’s Kettle — and completely disappears.

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The Black Forest haunting is considered to be one of the strongest and most inexplicable hauntings on record. When Steve Lee and his wife Beth discovered a large log home in the Black Forest region of northern Colorado in 1991, they rented it and then purchased it one year later. Within a few weeks of signing the papers on their dream home, strange things started to occur...

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Jared writes, "I took this picture in the upper (oldest) part of the cemetery in alpine Utah. After taking these pictures, I almost deleted them but my mom saw something in one of them. I am sending the original and the close up. These are 100% real, you can clearly see a lady looking down and a child hiding behind her dress looking straight at me."

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Human Head Encased in an Iron Cage - U721448INP - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis. Original caption:An aged human skeleton encased in an iron cage, which was found by boys at play in the sands at Hempstead, L.I., grim evidence it is believed of early pirates' torture devices.

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The Candelabro, Pre-Inca Nazca Lines, Peru

Lost civilizations of the Andes (1)


Primitive race of Neanderthal Giants discovered in North America. From, "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley."

Primitive Race of Giant Human Neanderthals Uncovered in North America


The Atacama Humanoid, is the skeletal remains of a 6-inch (150 mm) human found in a deserted town in the Atacama Desert, Chile in 2003. Ata has since found its way into a private collection in Spain. It was found by Oscar Muñoz near an abandoned church in a ghost town called La Noria, 56 km to the interior of Iquique in northern Chile. Muñoz later sold it to a local pub owner for 30,000 pesos, who then sold it to a Spanish businessman, Ramón Navia-Osorio, who is the current owner.

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