Facing each other by Brolken on deviantART

This has to be Gawain facing Myrthor at the edge of the world; the final battle. Facing each other by Brolken on deviantART - Dragon of the South

SteamPunk Dragon

I have painted this new Steampunk style dragon especially for an event. For me Steampunk is all about inventions and I enjoyed creating the dragon design and the concept of it being mechanical and hanging from a pocket watch.

Icedragon by raqmo

Holy crap this would be awesome as the cover to my short story, & Remains of Winter& Icedragon by raqmo


I would love to try and sketch this guy ☆ Rainbow Dragon :¦: Artist Unknown ☆

Welsh Dragon light.

Bronze dragon light fixture at the entrance to the Drake Hotel on Walton Street in Chicago, Illinois.

dragon of the sea

Ocean's Fury - Ferocious blue sea dragon rising from the waves. Great Kindle cover for fantasy book lovers!

Tree stump turned into dragon

Why Cut Down That Tree in Your Yard? Instead, Carve It into a Dragon. Powers Bach, I think you need this in your yard!okay maybe not a dragon but art.


My name is Anna, "August" Augustyniak, I come from Poland. It happened that my education is art-oriented, but I'm drawing for as long as I .