Ok why can't someone like explain that to my parents bc I hate cleaning unless if I start getting paranoid about spiders than I'll clean it... Lazy is life

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Apparently Everyone I Know Is Passionate About Different Music Than Me ... How The Heck Did That Happen???

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

I am not too particular about my music taste, but if we are in a car and you diss One Direction, I will give you three seconds to run. Jk but if you don't diss my music I won't diss yours.

Don't lie. This has happened to everyone at some point.

Nerd girl problems: Reading On The Floor… You Know This Has Happened To You. <<< I've done that with my kindle and it hurts more than a book

Why Teenager Post? I call this real life adult post. Or "story of my life post.


Photo - TEENAGER POST: At least theres not that awkward moment when your hanging with someone that has like the opposite taste of you music >.

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