even if they don't swing, they look so comfortable and soothing. really want a hanging bed someday

More Beautiful Hanging Bed Hotness

Cute twisted headbands - A Little Craft in Your Day #DIY #teencraft

DIY Gifts For Teens

Make your own headbands to keep hair in place, Kraftie Katie: DIY Headband Tutorial (Super Easy!

DIY Flameless Rose Tea Lights by smartschoolhouse.com #DIY Teen craft near mother's day

Pretty idea but please use battery/flameless tea lights and not actual candles. Plastic spoons will melt and rose petals are flammable. DIY Flameless Rose Tea Lights: so pretty for a wedding table, tea or brunch.

DIY T-Shirt Pillows. I have so many Tshirts I don't wear anymore, but don't want to part with (for some odd reason!) ~d~

DIY T-Shirt Pillow Craft - A super easy and fun sewing craft for beginners cute idea for Kyla's favorite old shirts

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12 laney blowing bubbles http://hative.com/cool-melted-crayon-art-ideas/

30+ Cool Melted Crayon Art Ideas

Melted crayon art -- (Picture of Laney blowing bubbles) cute in a little girls room

melted crayon art 19

Melted Crayon Art – Deeply Satisfying And Beautiful

LOVE melted crayon art is beautiful. Click through for other melted crayon art ideas.

This is a cool take on melted crayon art :)

30+ Cool Melted Crayon Art Ideas

Cool Bunk Beds for Girls | China Invents Floating Bed: Kids Love It, Parents May Fear It - forget ...

Floating bed is not of the supernatural

floating-bed - could do this for a boy to. Cool and fun idea. Gives more play room on the floor and also doesn& create clutter under the bed. -Screw the kids, I want this in MY room! Make it look like the magic carpet from Aladdin and I want one :) lol

Melted crayon art weeping willow tree by JessiesART77 on Etsy

Melted crayon art weeping willow tree - I needed a heat gun (not a a hair drier) to do this, and it was cute. No matter what I did, when it dried then crayon cracked and peeled up.

Melted Crayon Art

Friday is Art Day – Melting Crayon Art

I love the black background of this one! have seen the white ones and this one is honestly alot better Melted crayon art! so THATS how they do it without the crayons glued to the actual back!

pod bed..... that would be cool for a teen. OMG! omg omg! omg i NEEEED this bed!!

Final Frame: Transport Perceptual Pod

lovatic believer arianator smiler

Melted Crayon Art Tutorial

This is one of the most beautiful crayon melting projects I have ever seen. Idea for kids room.