Santa's Phone Number! (Call Santa)

Santa’s Phone Number! (Call Santa!)

Want to call Santa for Christmas? Here is Santa's phone number at the North Pole. I called it myself. The kids can leave a message at the end for their Christmas gift list.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Pops #ValentinesDay #chocolate #strawberry #pops #holidays #gifts

Decadent chocolate dipped strawberries on a stick! These pretty and whimsical Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Pops are a great treat any time of year, but especially for Valentine's Day.

Roll sugar cookie dough in sprinkles or colored sugar before baking. When mostly cooled, smash kisses on top.

Baked Perfection: Candy Cane Blossoms II - can't wait to make these - I love candy cane kisses

Sweetheart Pops – Surprise Pix

Candy Cane heart lollipops - bake at for 3 minutes, then take out & quickly shape like a heart around a lollipop stick. You could fill the candy cane heart with white chocolate!

Bend Your Candy Canes! This is so easy and so fun -- definitely give it a try. Kids LOVE it!

Bend and Shape Candy Canes

Bend And Shape Candy Canes! This is so easy and so fun -- definitely give it a try. Kids LOVE it!

EASY CHRISTMAS DIVINITY "This divinity is so easy to make in the microwave and so good. You won’t ever make it any other way again!  Makes a great gift, too."

Dad's favorite: EASY CHRISTMAS DIVINITY 2 cups white sugar cup water cup light corn syrup teaspoon salt 2 egg whites 1 teaspoon vanilla extract cup pecans or nuts of your choice, chopped Combine sugar, water, corn syrup and salt in a glass casserole dish.

Planes made from candy... cute to go in favor bag.

Today we have lots of fun airplane party ideas including how to make wood airplanes out of clothes pins, how to make fun airplane party favors for kids and